Cross Media Solutions

Your great design doesn't have to stop with print. From large format to QR codes, Augmented Reality to EZines/Digital Magazines remain relevant, engage your customers and control your communications while securing total immersion from those who matter to you the most with cross media solutions from PTX.


Get laminated, waterproof labels for additional surface protection and variations on glossy or matte stock with our labels and crack and peel on a roll.

Our labeling machine will you to explore your creativity by utilizing white ink which can be used on clear and transparent paper; which is great for producers of food, beverage, cosmetic and personal care products who would like their customers to view the product through the packaging.

The finishing on a roll will make it easier for you to apply the label to your package whether by hand or machine.

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Our expert design team will consult, guide and collaborate with you to achieve the best design that will hit your target audience. We design books, flyers, logos, brochures, programs, banner, invitations, stickers and many more. Ask us about our rates and how you can step it up a notch by including personalized and customized text and images using variable data.

Variable data - this form of data merging allows you to customize the text, graphics and images used in your designs without stopping or slowing down the digital printing process and using information from a database or external file. Image the possibilities! Some common uses of variable data is direct marketing, customer relationship management, advertising, brochures, invitations and labeling.

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Integrate active media content and watch your information become live! Augmented Reality converts digital information to live video in real time. Create digital versions of your customer’s content, designed from the outset for the digital world.

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