Adding a decorative detail or feature to your artwork can assist in attracting the consumer or user to your print. Embellishments do this as well as protect the substitute, enhance the security features in your artwork (for official documents) and increase value. Take a look at the embellishments we offer below.


Add personality to your POS and promotional/branded materials using our die cutting facility. Die cutting is the process of using a die create various shapes on paper and other materials. Ask us about our die listing and the best finish for you. Pop up cards are available.

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Want to make your print items more noticeable? Engage your customers with scented inks and improve your printed product recognition. Let you and your customers enjoy something “magical” and make printing an experience that will resonate with your customers and build that affinity. Come and print your yearly planners and much more TODAY! Customize it with your scent.

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Create a lasting impression on your book covers, card brochures and flat prints with UV coating. Not just aesthetics, UV coating helps to prevent your print from harsh elements such as sun damage, water damage and wear and tear. We offer two type of varnish: Matte and Gloss.

Matte varnish:
This offers a "velvet like" feel to our print. This smooth with texture finish prevents glare and finger prints are less visible.

Gloss varnish:
This varnish offers a smooth gloss/reflective look with no texture. Popular with magazine covers and books, this finish offers your print a crisp sharp finish that brightens your artwork. However, fingerprints are more visible with this finish.

We can help you determine if this option is right for you. Contact us for more information.

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Have you ever rubbed your fingers across some printed materials and some images or text felt raised? That's thermal embossing! This art or raised lettering can be used in many print jobs such as book covers, business cards, invitations and certificates. Contact us to find out how you can add this to your next print job.

We offer other finishing techniques:

  • Perfect Binding
  • Saddle Stitch
  • Round Cornering
  • Perforating
  • Numbering
  • Laminating
  • Spiraling
  • Hole Punching
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