1. To provide Cross Media Communication using text and/or images to create an effective message in the designs of logos, graphics, brochures, books, newsletters, posters and  any other type of visual expressions. The designer should give order to information, form ideas, expressions and feelings to artifacts that document human experiences for a wide range of customer base of varied style, taste and experiences using colours, illustrations, photos and fonts.


  1. Graphic Designer must give form to ideas, expression & feelings to artifacts that document human experience
  2. The Graphic Designer must capture the ideas, intention and feelings of the customer, interpret and express graphically so that choices and actions of the readers are influenced.    
  3. The Graphic Designer reports to the Operations Manager at various levels of the design process.
  4. Technical Support to Sales Team and CTP Department


  1. Know all print  processes, materials, and equipment
  2. Know the company’s products and services, processes and policies
  3. Know  our  Customers and their businesses
  4. Preflight and preparing jobs for CTP output
  5. Ensure that proper CTP workflow procedures and requirements are maintained
  6. Liaise with Pressroom Supervisor to ensure quality throughput
  7. Ensure the delivery, pickup, and approval of proofs
  8. Serve as contact and source of information on particular jobs for both production personnel and customers.
  9. On and off-site job evaluation with customers when needed
  10. Evaluate artwork with customers to produce satisfactory copy, proofs, and progressive colour proofs
  11. Answer Customer complaints
  12. Follow/Update timelines for large projects and estimating studio time
  13. File management (backup/ Archiving)
  14. Be able to back up various jobs within the department when emergencies or overload conditions arrive
  15. Recommend new equipment and processes
  16. Order and maintain supply level with approval
  17. Live and work by our Core Values    



The incumbent must have the right attitude in order to attain mastery in the following areas:

  1.  Design of concepts for effective communication     
  2.  Offset print, Digital print, Cross Media  solutions 
  3. Strong understanding of the dynamics of Cross Media Communications in the Marketing, Advertising and  Packaging industries


The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:

  1.  Artistic sensibility
  2. Creative skills
  3. Effective verbal, listening and visual communications skills
  4. Strong attitude   
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Dead-line oriented skills
  7. Proficient in various design software including Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Quark Express.
  8. Stress and time management skills
  9. Ability to handle rejection

Personal Attributes

The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  1. Respect
  2. Ability to self-actualize
  3. Goal orientated 
  4.  Self –Motivation
  5.  Care and Candor
  6. Empathy
  7. Be flexible
  8. Ability to dissolve the ego
  9. Demonstrate sound work ethics


  1. Five years experience in Graphic Design and Advertisement with a BSc. In Graphic Designing
  2. Solid background in design fundamentals-web multimedia
  3. Capable of coordinating with clients and meeting their expectations
  4. Experience with Adobe Creative suite, Quark Express and other Web Programme
  5. Experience with Macintosh and PC Platform and any other software commonly used in the Graphic art Industry
  6. Strong leadership skill would be an asset
  7. Previous employment in the advertising industry, at an agency or a corporate design department, would be an asset


Please send your portfolio and resume to