PTX: What do you do at Pear Tree?

JJ: I am a Customer Experience Executive/Sales Support Representative.

PTX: What is your most rewarding experience?

JJ: My most rewarding experience is giving birth to my daughter Jada, she made me into the woman I am today. She makes me determined and a go-getter. My most rewarding experience to date just makes me smile from ear to ear!

PTX: What has been your biggest success?

JJ: My biggest success is achieving two out of my three goals I had set out for. That is a big accomplishment for me and I am very grateful for that.

PTX: How you do strive to get the best for your customers?

JJ: I strive to get the best for my customers by giving great customer service, going the extra mile and also meet deadlines because accountability is very important.

PTX: What do you like to do on your downtime?

JJ: I like to read on my downtime, I believe that reading is extremely important for knowledge, personal development and growth.

PTX: How would you rate your memory?

JJ: I would rate my memory at 96%. I also make notes as well as a constant reminder for myself so I don’t miss out any information.

PTX: You're a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

JJ: I want to be any color that gets along with all the colors in the box making a beautiful picture, each color being different in their own way realizing the value of teamwork!!