peartreeXpress has upgraded its offering to include self adhesive labels on a roll. This service will officially be available to clients as of February 2017.

According to peartreeXpress, the new machine will be capable of printing and finishing a large quantity of labels They are extremely excited about the precise digital die cutting feature for intricate and unique labels and promises same day (depending on the amount and intricacy of the label). The finishing on a roll will make it easier for the client to apply the label to their package whether by hand or machine applied. Clients will now be able to get laminated, waterproof  labels  for additional surface protection and variations on glossy or matte stock which is ideal for cold storage products.

The labeling machine will also allow the client to explore their creativity by utilizing white ink which can be used on clear and transparent paper; great for producers of food, beverage, cosmetic and personal care products who would like their customers to view the product through the packaging.

Labeling Machine

To see it in action take a look at the video below.



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