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The print industry has been experiencing unprecedented disruption from the digital age as with many other industries;  just think of the music business and you’ll get the picture. The need for print has shifted from large volumes to much shorter runs with more colour in less time. This presents a huge challenge for traditional print shops that have not made the shift to embrace the disrupter. Here at ptX we saw the shift coming from as early as 1997 and decided to embrace change for the benefit of our customers.

We routinely offer our customers both print options so as to best suit their needs. Ask us and you will be enchanted by the abundant cost savings possible .

When volumes equal lower prices there is no better deal than the traditional print process. This is one of the main advantages of using this technology when securing your print collateral. Along with colour matching of specific pantone colours (specific to branding and company logos) this is your best bet.

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When speed to market counts or "just in time" ordering is your preferred platform and/or  you’re all about personalization and wanting to speak directly to a select set of demographics with the ability to track your ROI again, this is your platform.

With the high fixed costs of offset print eliminated by the digital technology you can now get exactly how many you want without having to print tons just to realize a preferred unit price. The bottom line is:  we embrace the disrupter in order to provide our customers with real value at a optimal price point.

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Whether you are a marketing director or small business owner looking for large prints to add value and awareness to your campaign or event, an artist or photographer looking for the perfect fine art finish for a commission work, a hotelier refurbishing and looking to do reproduction prints for your rooms or a student looking to land an A+ on your report or presentation; we guarantee high quality prints at an affordable price. Grommet, framing and double-sided tape finishes available.

Paper available:

  • Fine art/canvas
  • High gloss poster paper
  • Vinyl
  • Perforated vinyl for Windows and Vehicle Wraps.
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